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Grand Banquet

As Gan Yisroel came to a close the whole camp partook in a very emotional and inspiring banquet where all the awards of the summer were given out. There was singing and crying as campers and staff reminisced about the amazing times had together this summer. As the banquet came to an end the campers retired to their bunkhouses for the last lights out of Gan Yisroel 5777.

-Boruch Moshe Sherman

Grand Trip!!!

With camp coming to end, camp embarked on an the grand trip of a lifetime, starting with delicious deli sandwiches served by our very own waiters, after which we made our way to an amazing waterpark. There were many rides and attractions all of different swimming levels and expertise. Campers and staff alike all had a blast. We returned to camp after an exhausting day of fun to get a good nights rest for the last few days of Gan Yisroel.

-Boruch Moshe Sherman


Grand Sing!!!

Color War was ended off with a fantastic grand sing. Worked on the whole day by the dedicated staff of each team were beautiful and intricate props. Whether it was an aircraft carrier- U.S.S. Eved Ne’eman or an interactive chess board with a working drawbridge everything was beautifully done. As the grand sing commenced there was the team songs, alma matters, comedy songs, grammen, tochen speeches, and much much more. The judges were meticulously dressed for the occasion in the fanciest penguin costumes available for purchase. It was a monumental and yet highly enjoyable part of the summer. It was ended off with some meaningful and intense words of Tochen from both generals and lieutenants alike, followed by the presentation of gorgeous banners painted by some very talented staff members depicting the tochen of the team in an artistic manner.                                                              – Boruch Moshe Sherman


Finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for-COLOR WAR!! Color war was broken out by our supposed substitute head counselor who “had to take over for a week.” The teams were divided and introduced to all their staff- generals, lieutenants, captains, and general staff. The first day came with scavengers, beautiful plays, team songs, and team time. Continue reading

Yarchei Kallah Melava Malka

After an amazing Shabbos of singing, davening, and learning campers enjoyed as every bunk went on late- nights whether swimming, basketball, hockey, or computer room there was something for everyone. Continue reading


What an exciting day it was, as campers packed up their sleeping bags, tents, flashlights, and anything else you need to spend the night camping out. They were headed towards the camp site when all of the sudden the bus driver had to make an emergency detour- BOWLING!!!!- Continue reading

Staff Play!!

With drones, rappelling off buildings, and jumping through fire how much better can you ask for?! For days this play was being worked on all day and all night, whether it was building, painting, planning, writing, or sewing every staff member was involved to give the campers the show of a lifetime. Continue reading

-Chof Av-

In preparation for the awesome day of Chof Av campers partook in a rally in camp where there was an animated video about the important significance and meaning of the day, as well as what should be done and how. They also heard a few sichos from the Rebbe regarding his father- R’ Levi Yitzchak’s yartzheit. Later that evening campers were given pens and papers to write a פ”נ to the Rebbe, after a short talk by Rabbi Barris on his personal experiences with the Rebbe by Chof Av. Continue reading


Wow was it crazy! Eli Marcus came to camp for a crazy concert. With a smoke machine and lights campers and staff alike were dancing like they’ve never danced before. It started with a few camp songs but picked up to everyone’s favorite songs. Everyone had an amazing time and was exhausted when it was over.

-Boruch Moshe Sherman Continue reading

Visiting Day!!

Campers, staff, and parents alike all had an amazing day on the beautiful grounds of Gan Yisroel, spending time with their children and friends. There was a  variety of food and drinks, with a BBQ, fries, pizza, snacks and more. Continue reading


Wow! What a day it was! Thursday afternoon 9 buses rolled into camp to take the whole Gan Yisroel to Sportstime USA, a massive building with every type of indoor activity you can think of. Everyone was given over 3 hours and unlimited token value, so there was enough arcades/other activities for everyone the whole time. Continue reading

Tisha B’av


As Tisha B’av set in the campers were shown a skit prepared by our night activity directors on the story of Kamtzah and Bar Kamtzah, after which R’ Shemtov proceeded to lein Eicha for the whole camp. On Tisha B’av morning there was a general learning class which was a historical video about the Beis Hamikdosh. Continue reading

‘9 Days’ Activities

Just because cam couldn’t go on trips doesn’t mean that it wasn’t still rocking. From carnivals to talent night, IHE, and much more everyone had a blast. An amazing talent night it was with campers showing everyone their talents from playing keyboard, to juggling, or headstands and cartwheels. Continue reading

BMX Bike Show

What an amazing show it was. The bikers set up in the middle of camp and performed an amazing show filled with incredible fears of skill and talent. Continue reading

Day 1

The second month is in full swing as campers settle in to the non-stop schedule of Gan Yisroel. Camp started with the head staff orientation and the division of the bunks, after which they were dismissed to lunch, then to unpack and on to a full day of activities. Continue reading

Grand Banquet!!!( #1)

Wow!! What an amazing month it was, non-stop for 4 weeks straight. From davening and learning, to trips, night activities, and leagues. Continue reading


What an amazing trip it was. It started with the whole BMD charging into the dining room announcing the trip to the rest of camp. The campers packed up for what was about to be the best trip of their life. As luxurious coach buses rolled into camp the campers lined up eagerly as they were assigned their buses by bunk. The buses took us to Massachusetts where we arrived at 6 flags, New England. Continue reading

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