Concert with Boruch Sholom!!

The stage was set.  The music on. Mic-Check. All was perfect for the most amazing concert ever in CGI history. With his wide array of songs Boruch Shalom dazzled the campers and staff from the new songs to the old ones, from the classics to the camp songs. All was just on point, but lets not forget about the amazing Fitche Benshimon who from his place behind the keyboard ensured a most amazing night. 





Night Activity!!!!

7:29 supper ends
7:30 the fun begins
Every night Zeesh and Meesh- our amazing night activity directors- lead the camp in their funny and captivating routine. From the beginning to the end the kids just cant wait for what will happen the next moment. With activities ranging from games shows to human startego, hypnosis shows and more.   Its no wonder that every kid loves zeesh and meesh and night activity.

Achdus day at Gan Yisroel!!!!

 The most amazing thing happened yesterday camp Lman Achai came for a visit to Gan Yisroel!! The day began with a grand lunch together during which we were addressed by campers from both camps. The real fun started with a carnival hosted by our amazing 6th grade campers. While BMD engaged Lman Achais Masmidim in an amazing game of football. But the fun didn’t end there we all gathered in Brooklyn Square for the most amazing BMX show by the Dialed Action Sports Team.But the fun didn’t end yet, we gathered in the shul where the top learners in both camps combined together in teams for a grand jeopardy game. What a day!!!