Grand Trip! (Six Flags Great Escape)

As the charter busses pulled up, and where filled with hundreds of the happiest campers of Gan Yisroel, everyone could tell that this years grand trip was going to be unbelievable! Despite the long drive, the campers where occupied with Mishnayos Baal Peh and rewarding raffle, and some videos that made the time pass quickly. And then they arrived at Six Flags Great Escape!  Not only was it just Six flags, the entire water park, and theme park was rented out with a few other camps, leaving everyone to go on as many rides as possible! From the parks famous roller coasters, to the various arcades and activities, this grand trip was like no other! Exhausted after four hours at the park, Gan Yisroel managed to ‘escape’ concluding the most wild Grand Trip in Gan Yisroel history!


“Attention all campers and counselors, your attention please! Tonight we are playing outdoor laser tag! Everyone must make there way to the hill and dress in something dark, and then go back to the square and wait for further instructions!”

The campers scattered across camp to get dressed up for an exciting on Campus activity with specially rented laser tag equipment. When the campers returned to the square, there where a few staff members going around and painting each campers face brown, claiming it would make everyone invisible when the night vision goggles where given out! Completely bewildered, the campers obliged, and waited as a large yellow truck pulled up with the laser tag parts. Suddenly the doors burst opened and the staff screamed “BOG WAR!!!” And it was off to a start! The teams where split up, the generals, and lieutenant generals where divided, each explaining his teams Toichen. The scavengers came next and boy did they get the floor rolling! From and Israeli barber shop to an international cooking show, these skits where surely a success! The next morning there was Mishnayos Baal Peh which was an inspiring and unbelievable success! Following was also the Halacha skits which explained different Halachos in humorous ways!

One of the highlights of bog war in general is the plays. The staff and campers together put tireless effort in preparing everything, and the Achdus is amazing! This is an opportunity when everyone talents are used to the max! Each teams play came out amazing, explaining each Toichen beautifully, and providing great lessons!

As Bog war came to an end, all could say that with the amount of effort, fun, care, and work put into it,  everyone came out inspired, and driven to do better! Just another Bog war in CGI!

Firework Show!

It seemed to be a regular night. It was right after visiting day, and all the campers where exhausted and ready to go to bed. But since we are CGI, and we are the most exciting camp in the world, we decided to have a late night surprise firework show. Now, most campers where waiting for the simple dollar store papers that are set off and are pretty cool. But no. The sky lit up in an uproarious firework show, that made the campers cheer from beginning to end, ‘More! More! More!’ It was an incredible night, an unbelievable show, and a great way to start off this last week of camp because rumor has it that its going to wild!