BMD Goes Rock Climbing and More

Today BMD enjoyed an exciting day beginning with rock climbing.

The walls looked just like gigantic boulders with smaller rocks protruding from all sides; it was incredible. The walls went up to the ceiling and in some places, we needed to climb upside-down! The boys loved it.

After that amazing trip, BMD piled back onto the busses and went straight to Liberty Pizza for an awesome lunch. There was enough pizza, fries and soda to feed a whole camp.

Then, BMD got back on the bus for a two minute ride to ShopRite. The entire store was taken over by the #legendary BMD.

It’s not over yet. Upon arrival back at camp, BMD attended Shtendik Club, to learn Chitas. After which was mincha, supper, and… wait for it… SWIMMING!

Today was 95 degrees in camp and after returning from a long trip, BMD needed a nice refreshing swim. It was great.

The list doesn’t end here. BMD even managed to add a few league games before bed!

What an awesome, epic, amazing, insane day it was; it was simply #LEGENDERY.

BMD Launches Mivtza Shtendik

BMD has launched a new mivtza, “Mivtza Shtendik”.

The mivtza theme is, that being a yid is not something we do, but who we are. Whether we are learning, davening, or even playing sports by activities. (“We’re not the fans… We’re the players” as quoted in the video below)

This theme is brought out throughout their day, with a list of things that they must do, mark off, and turn in at the end of the day. Many parts of the mivtza are things they have never done before, for example chitas, rambam etc. Our hopes that they continue with all these amazing things after the summer as well.

For points earned throughout the summer they will be receiving amazing BMD prizes and exciting VIP BMD events.

Baruch HaShem the mivtza hit off with a boom! With an amazing video and slide show presentation (as seen below) the bochurim of BMD were jumping out of their seats to receive their duchs and are all waiting anxiously for their upcoming rewards and prizes.

We will IY”H be posting more about the mivtza as it comes along.