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emails are delivered each morning at breakfast. On Fridays campers will be given time to call home after 4:00PM.

On Friday if you missed your sons call or it is after 5:00PM and he has not called home yet, you may call the paging office and have them announce on the PA that your son should call you; however it is not recommended to have him paged to the office to take the call. Every bunk in camp has its own phone line.

General Contact Information:

Parksville Camp Address:
Camp Gan Israel
487 Parksville Road
Parksville NY 12768

Director/Administration: 845-292-9307
Paging Office: 347-770-2768
BMD Siberia: 347-471-1879
Head Counselor: 862-579-9854
Fax: 845-292-4186

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Crown Heights Office Address:
Camp Gan Israel
770 Eastern Parkway Suite 209
Brooklyn NY 11213
Office: 718-774-4805
Fax: 718-756-3531

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